How Gone for Good does a world of good

The way we work

You Donate

Gone For Good turns our donors into philanthropists! Everyone has treasures they no longer  need.   Our model is simple: if you have an item of value that you no longer want, donate it to Gone For Good and  take the tax deduction.  We pick up your donations and sell them.   The proceeds, less our expenses, will go to the charity of your choice.

We Sell

We use social media, our website, estate sales, and  a booth at the Antique Marketplace on Austin's funky Burnet Road to sell your treasures. You can find a picture of our store  in our showcase below. Look for items that mention the Antique Marketplace in their descriptions.

Your Charity Benefits

Gone For Good exists to make your charitable choices a reality!  As an all-volunteer organization, we pay our expenses - rent, movers, and storage fees - but we don't pay us!  At the end of each fiscal year, any monies left are donated through a "Request For Proposal" process to benefit charities with low annual budgets.  Thus your donations go even farther.

Who We Are

Gone For Good turns your treasures into charitable dollars.

Our donors are motivated not only by clearing out their homes, but, more importantly, by their passion for an issue, a cause, or a specific charity.
They are convinced Gone For Good is the best way to turn treasures into cash to do “good.”
Having made the difficult decision to donate valuables that were once loved but no longer needed, clients are eager to start the process.
A quick call to one of Gone For Good’s three partners elicits a rapid response.
We sell through our store at the Antique Marketplace, the internet, and even through an estate sale conducted at your home.
Gone For Good is just the organization to help rain some dollars on your special charity.

Why people choose us

Everyone Wins!

Gone for Good Charities

Since May, 2010, over $200,000 in cash and in-kind donations have been contributed to more than 85 donor-designated non-profits. People are delighted that through Gone For Good, they can now turn their personal treasures into dollars for the charities they support.

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Donated Item Showcase

Declutter your own space by donating

Below are just a few items that have been donated to Gone for Good. We sell through our store at the Antique Marketplace, the internet, and even through estate sales conducted at donor's homes.

Austin Antique Mall, Booth 1909

Gone For Good Inc.

Telephone: 512 297 6302

E-mail: gail@goneforgood.net