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Gone For Good Celebrates Year Three!

4 $2,500 grants to non-profits who have annual budgets of less than $75,000
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You Donate

Let’s get started…

Turn your stuff into cash to do good. Our model is simple.  If you have an item of value that you no longer want, donate it to Gone For Good, take a tax deduction, and we will sell your donation.  The proceeds, less a handling fee, will go to the charity of your choice. Just give us a call!


We Sell

We use social media, our website and a now a booth at the fun and funky Antique Marketplace on that hot Austin street, Burnet Road to sell your treasures.
You can find a pictures of our store below in our showcase. Look for the items that mention the Antique Marketplace in their descriptions

Your Charity Benefits

Turn your stuff into cash to do good. Our model is simple…Gone for Good will pick it up, sell it and donate the proceeds to a charity of your choice.


The proceeds from all sales are donated to the non-profit organization of your choosing, less a small fee retained to cover expenses. All donations ARE tax deductible. For tax-reporting purposes, the value of your donation is up to you to determine. Unsold items are donated to either Goodwill or the Settlement Home for Children for them to sell.

Everyone Wins

Since May of 2010, over $80,000 in cash and in-kind donations have been donated to more than 40 donor designated non-profits and faith communities. (Click here to view a full list of charities.)

People are delighted to find out that through Gone For Good, they can now turn their personal treasures into dollars of support for the charities they support.  And here’s the bonus: now their homes have extra space or room for new treasures!

Gone For Good Has Donated Over


In Value from Cash and In-Kind Donations to Date



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Pricilla Pond Flawn Child American Heart Association Settlement Home of Austin MPN Foundation
El Buen Samaritano Shir Chadash Bunny Rescue of Williamson County Ballroom Marfa
Meals on Wheels Seton Fund All Saints Episcopal Church Vasculitis Foundation