I’m the slow mover on the Gone For Good team. A morning cuppa before speaking is essential for my day to begin. An early riser husband and four children indulged me for many years. My nine grandchildren delight in asking me questions before my feet have hit the floor. Life is grand.

We’re blessed to have four generations living in Texas. Over the years we have exchanged and passed down lots of furniture, art, china, glasses, rugs, mirrors. etc. You name it, and someone in our family has given a wonderful piece to another family member. Now, “wonderful” is in the eye of beholder, but we have seen the potential in most pieces. This has been wonderful within our own family, but Gone For Good provides the way to pay it forward in this community. To have our family donate our gently used items, take the deduction, and then financially support the charities we love through the checks written in our name from Gone For Good.

It takes a village.

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